Academic Integrity

  • What is Academic Integrity?

    • Student's assignment will be completely the work of the student.
    • Student's collaboration with another classmate on any assignment must be pre-approved by their instructor
    • Student will not participate in plagiarism or cheating
    • Students should not allow others to copy their work
    • Students should not misuse content from the Internet.

    What is Plagiarism?
    To plagiarize is to take someone else's ideas or work as your own. This is a form of cheating and may result in disciplinary action by the administrator and include a zero on the assignment.
    • If you include facts or contexts that are someone's interpretation, you must cite the source.
    • Even if you paraphrase, the ideas belong to the author and you still must cite the source.
    • Use a style guide to make sure your citations are done correctly for example MLA or APA format.
    What is Copyright?
    Poems, images, photos, stories, publications, music are all "owned" just like a computer or a house. Unlike owning physical things the above is a kind of property called "Intellectual Property". The Copyright Law is designed to protect owners of Intellectual Property. Violation of copyrighting is still a form of cheating.

    Cheating, Plagiarism, and/or Copyright Violations
    The instructor is to notify the administrator if a student is caught cheating, plagiarizing, or violating copyrights. Students found knowingly violating copyright, plagiarizing, or cheating in any other form will be subject to disciplinary action as well as a zero on the assignment involved.