School Information

  • Pinellas Virtual SchoolPinellas Virtual School

    Address: 14405 49th St. N. Clearwater, FL 33762 

    Phone: (727) 588-6448 

    Fax: (727) 588-6085  

    Pinellas County Schools Administration: (727) 588-6000


    Do you have a child that is an independent learner, possesses basic computer skills and takes responsibility for their learning? Pinellas Virtual School may be a good educational choice. Students of PVS have the flexibility to attend full or part-time and can work at their own pace. The school's curriculum keeps students engaged. Our Pinellas Virtual School franchise serves students K-12. For students in K-5, Pinellas Virtual School offers free enrollment in a full-year program featuring the best of tradition and innovation in education. Students and Learning Coaches receive instructional oversight by highly qualified teachers and apply the latest technology for online learning. For 6th-12th grade students, students may enroll in Pinellas Virtual School as part-time or full-time participants in this program. Public school, private school, charter school, home education and students new to Pinellas County are eligible to apply. 

    Points of Pride

    • A school 2019-2020 and 2018-2019
    • 69% of students are proficient in ELA
    • 73% of students are proficient in Science
    • 75% of students are proficient in Social Studies
    • 92% Graduation Rate
    • PVS serves 3,500+ students taking online courses in Pinellas County


    Special Services and Programs

    • Advanced Placement courses
    • Honors courses for middle and high school
    • Teachers are local, highly-qualified, and Florida-certified
    • No waiting list for course placement
    • Access to online course work 24 hours a day/7 days a week



    Download the Pinellas Virtual School Brochure (PDF)