Canvas Course

  • Welcome to Your Canvas Course


    Hello Virtual Students and Parents,
    If you are accessing this page, it is because you or your student enrolled in a course with Pinellas Virtual School that will be taught on the Canvas learning management system this year.
    This page contains a lot of vital information about accessing your new course, so please read it carefully and save it for reference.
    Your teacher will be in touch with you by email soon.
    Although you have signed up for the course, it may take up to 4 days for your course to appear in Canvas.
    Four Easy Steps for Taking the Canvas Orientation
    1. Make sure you know your Canvas login (see video below for assistance).
    2. Go to orientation in Canvas:
    3. Log into Canvas (if already logged in, there is no step 3).
    4. Click the "Enroll in Course" button and get started!

    NOTE: Once you are enrolled, you can access the orientation by going to the "Courses" menu in Canvas and selecting the orientation course. You may need to click on All Courses to view missing courses.
    The web address for Canvas is:
    NOTE: It is best to use Chrome as your web browser. The lasted version of Safari will also work. Internet Explorer and Firefox do not work as well as the other browsers and are not recommended.
    Your username is your r2.d2.
    Your password is your s. password.
    If you do not know your student assigned password for Pinellas County please contact the teacher of your course.
    Once you login, spend some time using what you learned in the orientation to set up your user profile, add ways you want to be contacted including at least one email address, and configure your notification preferences. Notification setup is very important because this is how you will stay informed about your course and receive communication from your teacher.
    Your new course should show up in your Courses menu within 4 days after you sign up on the enrollment form. You may need to click All Courses at the bottom of the Courses menu and click the star icon in front of the title to see your new course in the dashboard. You can get started today by using the self-enrollment link for the orientation course. You will need to comp lee the orientation before you will be allowed to continue in your other course(s). 
    Parents and guardians will be able to create a guardian account on Canvas. To create a guardian account, navigate to and choose "I'm a Parent of a Pinellas Student," now select "Parent of a Canvas User?" top left corner on the login screen to create a parent account. Enter your name and email address and your student's Canvas login id and password to link your account to your student's account. After taking this step, you will get an email with follow up directions for finishing your account setup.
    The guardian account will let you see the course content and your student's work and grades, but not the work and grades of other students in the class.