Full-Time Registration Paperwork

  • Required Documents After Letter of Acceptance
    Birth certificate or other proof of identity/age:
    Students must be 5 years old on or before September 1 to attend kindergarten. Students must be 6 years old on or before September 1 and have completed kindergarten to attend 1st Grade. All students new to Pinellas County Schools must present proof of identity/age. For other items that may be acceptable as legal evidence of birth, call your child's assigned school.
    Proof of residency:
    Present two of the following items: utility bill for power, water, cable, sewer or land-based telephone (not cellular); rental agreement or lease; closing document; Pinellas County tax statement with homestead exemption. The items must be recent and contain the name of the parent/guardian and service address.
    If you do not have two of these items in the name of the parent or guardian, you must complete an Affidavit of Residency. This document is available at schools and by visiting the district website at pcsb.org. It must be completed, notarized on both sides and submitted with one of the items listed in the name of the person with whom you reside and who is listed on the affidavit.
    Child's Social Security Number:
    School system personnel are required to ask for this, but students are not required to have them.
    Child's most recent report card:
    This is for students entering grades 1-12. If available, the report card should include the school's address and phone number.
    Florida Certificate of Immunization:
    All new students entering school in Florida for the first time must have a completed Florida Certificate of Immunization (DOH 680) appropriate for their grade level.
    Physical examination certificate:
    All new students entering school in Florida for the first time must have a school health examination certificate signed by a licensed examiner (certificate must have been issued within 12 months prior to enrollment/registration).
    A recent Individual Education Plan (IEP):
    If the student participates in exceptional student education, he or she must have an IEP. 
    Please complete the following documents:


    Beginning August 1, 2017 parents will have the option to sign the following forms electronically:

    • Media Release Form
    • Network/Internet Acceptable Use Agreement
    • Directory Information Opt-Out Letter
    • Parent and Student Acknowledgement of Student Code of Conduct


    To sign electronically please go to https://reservation.pcsb.org and follow the steps below:

    1. Log in using your username (P.xxxx account) and password.

    2. Select the option that describes your child's enrollment status.

    3. Select "PCS Forms"

    4. Follow the online instructions to submit applicable student forms.*

    *Note: The Parent and Student Acknowledgement and Directory Information Opt-Out forms are applicable to the school year in which they are signed. The Network/Internet Acceptable Use Agreement and Media Release forms, once signed, are active the entire time your child is enrolled in Pinellas County Schools and do not need to be re-submitted each school year.

     **Please note if you have not filled out an application and received a letter of acceptance, these documents will not be kept on file if you submit without the letter of acceptance.**