Home School student interested in taking courses with Pinellas Virtual School

  • Home Education Steps to Register

    Home Education Office at 727 588-6209

    Steps to Register for Home Education

    1. The parent/guardian submits a notice of intent to establish and maintain a home education program to Pinellas County Schools Superintendent or              designee (Home Education Office).

    Notice of Intent ~PCS Form ~https://www.pcsb.org/cms/lib/FL01903687/Centricity/domain/176/pcs%20forms/2-2724.pdf

    2. The parent/guardian completes all sections of the Notice of Intent and mails it to the superintendent's or designee’s (Home Education Office) within 30        days of the establishment of a Home Education Program. The address is included on the form or you may fax to 727-588-5038. 

    3. On your start date the Pinellas County Home Education office will mail a letter of acceptance to you. Please keep this document in your home education      file.

    4. The parent/guardian prepares the child’s portfolio, educational log and decides which assessment method will be used for the required yearly evaluation.(See the copy of Florida Statutes related to home education for further details).

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    Co-Enrollment as a home school student with Pinellas Virtual School


    1. Once you are an established Home school student, you will need to fill out a co-enrollment form with Pinellas County Schools to be able to take Pinellas Virtual School Courses. Please scan and email the form to meloyc@pcsb.org and StudentAssignment@pcsb.org (Co Enrollment Application https://tinyurl.com/y7yj6cpy)    Pinellas Virtual uses the FLVS curriculum, however we use teachers from Pinellas County Schools.  If students are struggling with their courses, we encourage them to come in for face to face help, located at Bayside High School 14405 49th St. North, Clearwater, FL 33762.

     Co-Enrollment Application Example


    Sign up for your courses!!

    6. Go to Pinellas Virtual’s website and click on classes for non-Pinellas Students to fill out our quick registration form. https://www.pcsb.org/domain/8447.

    7. Now you will be directed to the FLVS website to sign up for the courses you would like your child to take. Click here to choose the courses you would like to take with Pinellas Virtual School.  We recommend choosing 3-6 courses.  Please note, we “rent” our course through FLVS.  By following the directions in the above link, you will get assigned teachers here in Pinellas County. Our students are welcome to come into our school for face to face help and join in on any local field trips the teachers offer!

    8. As a home school parent, you will need to create a parent account in FLVS to approve the courses your child has signed up for. Click here to get your parent/guardian account to approve your requests.

    9. Please attach your child’s Home School Letter of Intent in the FLVS platform. Click here for directions.

    For more information regarding Home School education and the requirements, visit https://www.pcsb.org/Page/444


    If you need further help regarding Pinellas Virtual School, please call PVS counselor, Carlene Meloy 588-6448 ext 2015 or email meloyc@pcsb.org

    Please reach out if you have any questions,

    Carlene Meloy