Kindle Initiative at CHS

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    Information from our 2010 Roll out of the Kindle initiative, which paved the way to our BYOT program.  
    “A Kindle in Every Hand”

    Surveys from Clearwater High School faculty, staff, students and parents indicate the need for more technology integration. Students today think differently. Technology is an integral part of their life. The 21st Century Learner needs to be engaged through technology. We have seen a positive increase in test scores and class grades when a greater emphasis is placed on the use of technology.

    All students and staff are able to use the Kindle for reading textbooks, class books, library books, and internet resources (research, email, grades and attendance data, and wiki and moodle discussions). We have already placed many of our Math books, English books, Science Books, supplemental Math and Science books, The Tampa Bay Times, The Tampa Tribune, and numerous novels.

    The Kindle has features to assist with reading comprehension and fluency. For example, the Kindle can increase the size of the font for the visually impaired, and for the auditory learner, it can automatically convert text to speech. In addition to having a built-in thesaurus and dictionary, it also has a copy and paste feature that allows students to keep notes and make marks digitally for reference in their books.

    Clearwater High School is an entity in the district of Pinellas. Pinellas Schools have begun to embrace the concept of decentralization. As a result, Clearwater High School has had the opportunity to make decentralized budgetary and policy decisions. The school has been diligently working with school board officials on this exciting pilot project. Using the decentralized decision-making model, textbook and technology refresh dollars were used to purchase Kindles and digital books.

    Prior to your child receiving their Kindle, two district forms need to be filled out and returned. Copies of the forms are attached to links on the top of this web page. The Kindle Reader Election and Responsibility Form outlines our insurance policy. The Property Removal Form is required to remove the Kindle from our property. Hard copies of the forms will be given to your child.