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    The Social Studies Department at Clearwater High offers students a chance to examine and analyze the interaction of humans throughout time.

     By offering courses in U.S., World and European History, the department allows students to understand the events, crisis and conflicts that shaped the world they live in.   Taking these courses, along with Human Geography allows students a true understanding of the world around them and how their actions impact that world.

     In American Government, students acquire the information needed to be an active participant in the United State’s representative government and better understand the workings of our government and political system.

    Courses in Sociology and Psychology allow students to gain a working knowledge of how humans interact and why the act.  These courses provide students with the opportunity for exploration of the human mind and the human condition.  

    Our Law Studies and Court Procedures courses are designed to give prospective lawyers, police officers and other law related practitioners a chance to experience what their future career will be like.

    In Economics, students will learn about how scarce resources require all citizens of Earth to make quality decisions regarding the use of our planets resources.   Examinations of both the Micro and Macro economies provide students with the basic knowledge they will need to be successful financially and otherwise.

    Our World Religions course allows students to learn about a faith other than their own.  By comparing and contrasting the major religions of the world, students can see that many similarities exist between the various religions and that there is much we can learn from our differences.

    To assist our 9th graders as they transition to high school, the social studies department offers Personal, Career and Social Development.   This course provides 9th grade students with a chance to work on and improve the skills needed to achieve success, both academically and in life.