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    ESOL Department
    English for Speakers of Other Languages

    Goal: The ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) program is designed to meet communication and academic needs of limited English proficient students who come from an environment where the native language is other than English and who have difficulty understanding, reading, and writing English. The program provides the English language skills necessary to function effectively in a regular school program. Furthermore, limited English proficient students are introduced to the various cultural aspects of American society while also being encouraged to share their own culture and make a significant contribution to the multicultural environment of their school community.

    ESOL Program: The instructional program is organized in regularly scheduled ESOL classes taught by experienced, certified, ESOL teachers. Bilingual assistants help students in content area classes and provide the important home/school connection. ESOL teachers work closely with guidance counselors to plan their students' educational programs to ensure attaintment of State Standards and Benchmarks. Students participate as long as their English proficiency is limited. The time frame varies depending on the students' age, language background, English proficiency and academic success.

    9th-12th Grade Course Offerings:
    Developmental Language Arts
    Reading and Writing I and II
    Listenting and Speaking I and II
    ESOL English Literature I, II, III, and IV