Sophomore Class Officers

  • Underclassmen End of Year Procedures:

    Underclassman (9th through 11th) collection of books, athletic uniforms, fees and locker clean out will take place on the following dates and times in our front of Gulf-to-Bay parking lot. We will not be collecting technology at this time unless you do not plan to return to CHS in the Fall.

    Freshman on June 4: 10 AM - 1 PM

    Sophomores and Juniors on June 5: 10 AM - 1 PM

    Pickup will take place by entering the parking lot off Gulf-to-Bay from the west entrance (near the stadium), and will move around the lot to front of the gymnasium. You will remain in your automobile for the entire process. Prior to entering the parking lot, we suggest that you write your first and last name in large bold letters on a piece of paper and place it on your dashboard. This will assist with us providing a faster distribution and collection of items.

    Summer Bridge:

    Summer Bridge (June 22 to July 16) registration is currently open, but, due to COVID-19, CDC guidance and social distancing, classes will be held virtually this year. The classes will be made available at all district schools to students needing additional assistance or who would like to take advantage of enrichment courses.

    Summer Bridge helps students prepare for the state’s Algebra 1 EOC test, SAT/ACT, learn skills they need to succeed in high school and earn credits they need to graduate. Register at or call the Student Assignment office at 727-588-6210. Questions? Please email or call your guidance counselor at 727-298-1620.


    The factory has been closed as a result of the current Pandemic, and as a result, they are behind on the printing of them. We will share a date for distribution as soon as we can.


    Co-Presidents--Ben Hawkins and Vanessa Tchavdarov

    Vice President--Isabilita Sekulovic

    Secretary--Lauren Fornshell

    Treasurer--Jocelyn Rivera-Prado

    Historian--Samantha Bosetti

     class of 2022

    Sponsor:  Angela Caban