• In the 33 years girls basketball has been played in Florida high schools, the Clearwater Lady Tornado teams have, by far, the best win-loss percentage of any varsity or junior varsity team in Pinellas County (both over 80%).  The varsity has won 701 games, averaging more than 21 per year, more than 27 for the last twelve years.  The team has won 11 conference championships (in a 16-school conference) and been runner-up seven more times. It has won 18 district championships, including 12 of the last 15, 15 regional championships, including 8 of the last 13, and the team has been to the Final Four 11 times, including 9 of the last 14, and were state runner-up in 1997, 2002, 2004, and again in 2007. The JV was undefeated the three of the last seven seasons.
    The team's mission statement: TO HAVE FUN AND TO IMPROVE DAILY, INDIVIDUALLY AND AS A GROUP, AS BASKETBALL PLAYERS AND AS HUMAN BEINGS.  Players are proud to be able to aspire to this and over-achieve enough to be one of the top-ranked teams in the state year after year.  While they have been blessed with a few players with special innate talent, they have a program-full who work hard to bring out their best.   To date, 45 girls have gone on to play college basketball on scholarship after leaving Clearwater High.  The others have attended college as students and/or gone on to successful careers and lives.  Most all come back to visit the family and take in a game as a proud alum.