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    About CAICC:

    At the Career Academy for International Culture and Commerce (CAICC), Clearwater High School students are introduced to the international business environment, as well as the cultural aspects of working and living in a global business community. Studies in the academic classes focus on culture, business protocol customs, marketing, communication, international economics and finance, import and export basics, and the use of technology in business. This program is designed for students to explore careers related to international trade. The curriculum is a program of study which prepares students for post-secondary education in international business or entry into the workforce. The students are immersed in a challenging, comprehensive high school curriculum, with a cross-functional team of teachers in mathematics, social studies, English and business education.

    CAICC students participate in field trips to international businesses and locations with multicultural activities. Guest speakers give the students an opportunity to meet people from other countries from around the world and learn the dos and taboos of conducting business with other cultures.

    This group of students stays together with the same Academy teachers for four years and functions as a “school within a school.” Academy teachers work together as a team to plan and implement a program of instructional approaches that includes ways to integrate learning for high school students, coordinate teaching in different subjects, employing cross-curricular strategies for various projects and events.

    The instructional staff utilizes creative and innovative educational strategies to assure that students are exposed to academic learning and career skills essential for entry into a career, advanced education, or technical employment in the global workforce. The faculty reinforces high standards for all students and provides a competency-based assessment and opportunities for applied learning.



    What is a Career Academy?

    A Career Academy is a four-year high school program that organizes curriculum and instruction in academic subjects around an industry or occupational theme – for example, veterinary science, automotive, architectural design, electrical technology, graphic arts, business technology – enabling students to fulfill requirements for college entrance in addition to acquiring work-related knowledge and skill. Our focus with CAICC is International Business.  


    CAICC Mission statement:

    Through a creative blend of academic and vocational education, and exposure to international business, students in the Career Academy for International Culture and Commerce (CAICC) will gain the knowledge and skills to be competitive in a future marketplace.


    The Academy Features:

    • Four year course of study in International Culture and Commerce

      • 9th grade - Digital Information Systems or Admin Office Tech (if a student has completed Digital Info Tech in middle school)
      • 10th grade - International Business Systems
      • 11th grade - Accounting
      • 12th grade - International Fiance and Law

    • Planning and implementation of the program using an academic and vocational team approach that includes block scheduling

    • Technical classes focused on a career theme with related academic classes

    • Business-education partnerships

    • A variety of applied and work-related learning experiences

    • Potential eligibility to earn scholarships such as the Florida Gold Seal, Florida Merit  and Florida Academic scholarship as well as other scholarship opportunities


    International Business Facts:

    Ninety-seven percent of our global population lives outside the United States. Since the world is getting smaller due to faster means of travel, people are more likely to travel to a foreign country sometime in their lifetime; therefore, people who can communicate across geographic and cultural borders are more likely to achieve business success. It is a fact that one-third of U.S. corporate profits are now generated through international corporate businesses.  One American in six owes his/her employment to foreign trade requiring knowledge of international protocol. Engineers, accountants, attorneys, government employees, and managers all need global literacy skills. Since cultural differences can undermine business relationships, there is a need for multicultural training for traveling executives.



    The Career Academy for International Culture and Commerce is located at Clearwater High School. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredits Clearwater High School and the Pinellas County School System. The school has continuously won the Five Star School designation for community involvement from the State of Florida.