• 2020 Summer Reading Assignments


    AICE General Paper summer reading: Click Here


    AICE Language A and AS summer reading with assignment: Click Here


    AICE Literature 1 AS Level:

    1. Small Island by Andrea Levy 


    AICE Literature 2 A Level: (prerequisite is AICE Literature 1/AS Level):

    1. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens 

     AP® English Literature & Composition

    Common Summer Assignment  Pinellas County Schools

    This assignment was determined by the collective team of AP English Literature and Composition teachers in order to strengthen your essay writing skills aligned to the rubric that will be used for this AP exam.

    Should you have questions or if you would like support with this assignment, please refer to your PCS student email account for information about the AP Summer Assignment Support Sessions (AP SASS) that will be held July 31-August 1 at various locations. You can access your student email account by going to www.office.com and using your PCS username and password to login.

    Scoring a 7: Criteria to Evaluate

    Using the color coding system below, identify each of the criteria from each of the sample essays for “The Street” (2009 Form A – Sample A is on pages 2-4, Sample B on pages 5-6, Sample C on pages 7-8).

    Yellow: Identify the writer’s thesis statement in the introduction paragraph.

    Blue: Where does the essay offer a reasonable analysis of how the author uses literary devices to establish Lutie Johnson’s relationship to the urban setting? (elaboration/commentary)

    Orange: Where does the writer support their claims by referencing the most relevant details from the text?

    Green: Highlight examples from the essay that show the student using varied transitions to build on, connect, and clarify relationships between ideas in the essay.