Student Withdrawal Process

  • Students may withdraw from virtual school during the grace period which is within the first 14 days of class without academic penalty. Students may also leave virtual school at the semester without academic penalty.

    In order to return to their zoned school, a reservation is made through student assignment. Once the reservation is made, parents must go to the school to register their student.

    Students who attempt to withdraw from virtual school after the 14 day grade period or before the end of the semester will receive a letter grade of "WF" or "WP" for the current grading period.

    Steps for withdrawing from virtual school full time:

    1. Parent completes online withdrawal form
    2. Virtual school will set up appointment to complete exit interview if required
    3. Virtual school notifies student assignment and student reservation is made
    4. Parent receives new school assignment via email from virtual school
    5. Parent registers at school for student schedule
    6. New school calls virtual school and student is withdrawn

    Steps for withdrawing from a part time class in virtual school:

    1. Parent completes online withdrawal form
    2. Virtual school counselor notifies counselor at student's zoned/assigned school they are withdrawing from virtual class and requests virtual course be replaced in student schedule
    3. Parent receives email confirming that student has withdrawn from virtual school class

    Click Here For The Student Withdrawal Form