• What is the difference between Pinellas Virtual School and Florida Virtual School (FLVS)?

    Pinellas Virtual School employs all local, highly-qualified, Florida-certified teachers. Because our teachers are local and can be accessible at our school office location we are able to provide a personal touch and special opportunities, such as field trips, tutoring, in-person connections, and special events. We also offer a large variety of courses from multiple sources, creating unique opportunites for studnets.

    • Here are some reasons why we think you should choose Pinellas Virtual School:
    • Pinellas Virtual School offers the same great courses as FLVS and even MORE course options.
    • Our pace chart requirements are the same (18 weeks per semester course - students are always allowed to work ahead).
    • We have no waiting list for course placement. Once guidance approval is given students are classroom assigned within 48 hours. Students requesting a course with FLVS get placed on statewide waiting list.
    • We offer lower student to teacher ratios
    • Teachers and counselors are local and actively communicate with the student's school counselor and parents
    • Teachers are local and highly qualified. FLVS teachers have a FL teaching certificate but can be located anywhere in the world.


    How much do Pinellas Virtual School courses cost?

    Because Pinellas Virtual School is a Pinellas County public school, courses are free.

    Do I need to buy textbooks?

    Most materials are provided for students. Some basic school supplies, and novels for some English classes, must be provided by the parent just as they would for classes in a traditional brick-and mortar school. Materials sent to students are the responsibility of the parent/guardian, who must return to Pinellas Virtual School after the course is completed.

    Does my child have to log in at a specific time?

    No. For each online class there is a pace chart that breaks down what work should be done each week. As long as your child adheres to this pace and completes work each week, there is not a specific time or day that they must be online. All full-time students must adhere to the weekly pace guides and follow the 180-day Pinellas County Schools Calendar, best practice has weekly work submitted by 5:00pm on Friday of each week.

    Can my child work on the weekends?

    Yes. One of the benefits of taking online classes is that students can work during non-traditional school hours such as evenings and weekends.

    When can my child enroll?

    Students taking virtual courses part-time can register at any time for a course. However, registration deadlines are in effect for full-time Virtual School students. Full-time registration opens 90 days before the first day of school and closes 30 days before the first day of school.

    Our family will be out of town for a period of time. Can students work on their online classes out of state?

    Yes. As long as a student has a computer and internet access they can continue to work in their online classes wherever they are.

    What are some challenges I might expect with my child taking online classes?

    With online classes, students (with the help of their parent/guardian) must make a greater effort to stay organized, create a schedule and manage their time, and work towards staying on pace with work. As a parent/guardian you will need to make sure you are periodically going online to check the progress of your child.

    What are some positive changes that I might see in my child as a result of them taking online classes?

    Students have the opportunity to develop skills related to organization and time management, develop a sense of responsibility, as well as take charge of their own learning.

    What do we do if we have technical issues?

    If technical issues arise your child's online teacher(s) will be there for initial support. You will also have access to a technical support team if the issue extends beyond the teacher's ability.

    What if my child starts an online class and discovers that this style of learning is not right for them?

    This situation is okay. Online learning may not be for everyone. A student can drop an online class within the first 14 days without any negative consequences. The student, parent/guardian, and teacher work together to make this decision. Utlimately, we want to ensure that students are place in a learning environment that is right for them.

    What if I can't afford a computer or internet service?

    Full-time Pinellas Virtual School students may qualify for technology assistance if the family's income meets the Free/Reduced Lunch program guidelines, and if the family satisfies the technology hardship provisions outlined by Florida State Statute 1002.45 and HB 7197. Pinellas Virtual School students are not eligible for free meals, as virtual school is a choice and it does not include access to meals provided by the Pinellas County School Board.

    How often I need to make contact with my child's online teacher(s)?

    You will have contact with your child's online teacher(s) at least once per month to discuss their progress. It will be very important that you supply your child's online teacher(s) with a phone number and email address that you can be reached. You can contact the online teacher(s) at any time as well with questions.

    Can a student meet his/her online course requirement for graduation through Pinellas Virtual School?

    Yes. Students may speak to their guidance counselor for details on how Pinellas Virtual School will help them meet that requirement.

    Are Pinellas Virtual Courses NCAA approved?
    Yes. Please visit the NCAA website to see all approved core courses.
    Are courses offered over the summer?
    There are some courses available over the summer.

    How is testing handled? Is it conducted online?
    Tests and exams are conducted online. At times, we may request that an exam be proctored and taken at a designated school building site. The students must take the final exam (if required by grade level) and complete all assignments, activities and assessments in order to receive credit. The state requires that FCAT/FSA and End-Of-Course exams be taken in person so they can be monitored/proctored.

    Can a Pinellas Virtual School student participate in band, athletics and other extracurricular activities?
    Full-time Pinellas Virtual School students may participate in extracurricular activities at their zoned schools.

    Does Pinellas Virtual School offer field trips and other social opportunities?
    Yes. Full-time Pinellas Virtual School students have opportunities to go on field trips, attend holiday parties and Spirit Nights, and participate in community service projects.

    Do students receive report cards?
    No, student grades can be seen through Canvas and Educator Learning Mangement Systems. End of semesters grades will be posted in Course History in Portal.

    Can students receive a high school diploma through the Pinellas Virtual School?
    Students who are enrolled in the virtual instruction program on a full-time basis, and who meet all requirements for a high school diploma, will have diplomas conferred by Pinellas Virtual School.
    Does Pinellas Virtual provide services and accommodations for students with disabilities?
    Yes. Because PVS is a public school, federal law requires that it provides students, regardless of disability, with an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the school's education program. According to Florida State Statute 1003.57, "a student whose individual educational plan indicates that full-time virtual instruction is appropriate may be enrolled in a full-time instructional program.' To ensure appropriate placement for student success, please contact the Pinellas Virtual School office before enrollment to request an IEP team meeting to determine whether full-time virtual instruction is appropriate for your student. 
    Can a student enrolled in a school wide District Application Program enroll part-time with Pinellas Virtual School?
    A student enrolled in a school wide district application program must be enrolled full time in their school. Students in a school wide program may only take a course with PVS if the course is not offered as a course at the school campus and it must be in addition to their full schedule at the school.
    Can a student enroll in a school-within-a-school District Application Program enroll part-time with Pinellas Virtual School?
    Students in a school-within-a-school district application program may enroll part-time with Pinellas Virtual School for classes that are not included in the course progression in their application program.
    Can a full-time Pinellas Virtual School student take courses in a District Application Program?
    Students enrolled in Pinellas Virtual School full-time are not eligible for courses in District Application Programs while enrolled in the virtual school program. 
    How do I log into my Pinellas Virtual School course on Canvas?