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Former student and astronaut details her life in space

April 20, 2017
Astronaut Nicole StottRetired NASA astronaut Nicole Stott fielded a range of questions Tuesday as she spoke with Tarpon Springs Middle School.

What was it like to be at zero gravity? When you come back from the space station, is it hard to walk? How do you sleep if you can float up to the top? How do you use the bathroom? How do you brush your teeth?

The students wanted to know how the everyday routine of one’s life gets done while living in space. Stott obliged their curiosity with her answers.
An engineer, Stott worked for NASA for 27 years before retiring. During her career with NASA, she served as Flight Engineer for Space Shuttle Discovery on two expeditions. In 2009 she spent three months at the International Space Station and in 2011 she spent two weeks. She and even took part in the first NASA Tweetup from space.
Stott is a former Pinellas County Schools student and a graduate of Clearwater High School.

When asked what were some of her favorite moments about space, Stott said “it was looking out the window and seeing earth.”

In addition to Tarpon Springs Middle, Stott visited Sunset Hills Elementary and Tarpon Springs High.
tarpon middle group with astronaut