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    As the district’s Emmy Award nominated television station, WPDS-TV14 is the FCC licensed educational learning channel for the Pinellas County School district. The mission of the television station is to highlight excellence in the classroom, showcase innovative practices to raise student achievement and provide the community with quality educational television programming supporting teaching and learning at all levels throughout Pinellas County.

    We are proud to announce that WPDS-TV14 has won a 2020 TELLY Award for the June 2019 edition of Science Rocks: The STEM of Racing, Romans and Drones! In this program STEM Specialist Laura Spence examines the STEM of racing at the St. Petersburg Grand Prix with INDY car drivers. We also see how PCS students are learning about drones during the STEM Summer Camp. Dave Cook takes us to Rome, Italy and we see how the Romans used STEM technology with some of the world's most iconic landmarks.  

    Science Rocks has now won a total of four prestigious TELLY awards for excellence in educational television programming and WPDS-TV14 has been awarded twelve TELLY awards overall since 2007.

    Be sure to check out the NEW PCS Journal Magazine with Al Ruechel where we see highlights from the 2021 Outstanding Educator and Support Emplyee of the Year programs. . 

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  • Here is where you can find us:

    • UHF Channel 14
    • Spectrum Network in Pinellas County - Channel 635
    • WOW Cable Network in Pinellas County - Channel 2
    • Frontier Network throughout the Tampa Bay market - Channel 46