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Students build skills, showcase creativity at Referendum-funded Digital Arts Camps

June 26, 2017
Students learned about photography, digital drawing and painting, and stop-motion animation at the Digital Arts Camps.
The camps were offered at Garrison Jones, Leila Davis, Belleair, Skycrest, Bear Creek and Campbell Park elementary schools, and Safety Harbor, Oak Grove and Tyrone middle schools.
Natalie Bongo who attended the camp at Tyrone Middle School last week enjoyed learning new programs and meeting other students.
"It's a really fun camp," said Natalie, 12. "We've done a lot of nice activities on the tablet."
Her classmate Peyton Lutz, 11, said he got a kick out of editing digital photographs.
Thursday, all of the students were immersed in digital movie making. They brought in props from home and turned the hallways into movie sets.
The Digital Arts Camps were offered at no cost to families thanks to funding from the Referendum.
Artwwork from the camp is exhibited online in the PCS Art Gallery and posted on the PCS Visual Arts YouTube Channel.