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The first French summer camp a success

June 28, 2017
French Summer Immersion Program The Pinellas County Schools French Summer Immersion Program was held June 5 – 9 at Largo High School. Students participated in various hands-on and culturally rich activities based on various regions of France.

The students engaged in friendly team challenges, arts and crafts, contemporary French songs, French cooking and cuisine. The teachers provided instructions entirely in French and in a comprehensible way for students. Students were immersed in the active communication environment and encouraged to communicate in French as well.

“This was such a fun and enriching experience for our students,” said Nagia Bogdani-Xheka, a Countryside High French teacher. “What a terrific opportunity for them to work together towards the same goal, help each other with the language and various cultural activities while having fun throughout this entire process and feeling more confident with the language.”

Theresa Delphonse, a Seminole High French teacher, said that both students and teachers had an excellent learning experience.

“We are proud of our first year and so looking forward to applying what we learned to be able to present an even more exciting and rewarding experience for next year,” Delphonse said. “Overnight camp, here we come!”