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Student leaders meet with the School Board and Superintendent

Nov. 16, 2017

The Students Rights and Responsibility Committee recently held its annual conversation with the School Board where they had the opportunity to address board members and the superintendent. The students discussed a range of issues and concerns that are occurring at their schools.


SR&R is comprised of three Student Government leaders from each high school who are selected by the principal. The SR&R committee meets once a month at the Administration Building. Once each year, the committee meets with School Board members and the Superintendent to share ideas and concerns and ask questions. They also meet annually with just the Superintendent.


The concept of the Students Rights and Responsibilities Committee was formed in the fall of 1969 as way to provide a channel for students to express their concerns, desires, ideas, problems, and recommendations for the administration of schools and the school system. SR&R committee members also develop responsibility and leadership skills and are exposed to invaluable experiences such as gaining an understanding of the school system as a whole.

Studnets ask questions at the SR&R meeting.


Students speak with a board member after SR&R meeting