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Ribbon cutting celebrates upgrades at Bardmoor Elementary

January 29, 2019


District, school and community leaders gathered at Bardmoor Elementary recently for a ribbon cutting ceremony that celebrated the completion of recent construction upgrades to the 80,000 square-foot campus. Clerestory skylights were added to the new community learning centers that were built, and visual sight-lines were provided throughout the building. This work was constructed over five phases so the school could remain open and minimize the construction’s impact on the school.


Bardmoor Elementary ribbon cutting ceremony
Pictured: Bardmoor Elementary ribbon cutting ceremony.


District leaders and students at Bardmoor Elementary Ribbon Cutting.

Pictured: Assistant Principal Mark Ruscetta, Principal Leigh Brown, Superintendent Michael Grego, Chief Luke Williams and ambassadors who were selected to give tours following the ribbon cutting.


 Dr. Grego, the school's Teacher of the Year and two students at Ribbon Cutting.

Pictured: Jessica Reismann, a fifth-grade teacher and Bardmoor Elementary Teacher of the Year. Superintendent Michael Grego and students Mckenzie Griswold and Jaina Tosado