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Students create restaurant-style cafe to curb skipping

March 4, 2019


Students pose with local restaurants who will take part in Wally's Food Joint. Seminole High School E-Commerce students wanted to offer a solution to a problem they saw at their school. Students were leaving campus during lunch and in some cases, did not return. The E-Commerce students worked with three local restaurants to offer grab and go meals in their school's cafeteria.


Seminole High recently celebrated the grand opening of Wally’s Food Joint. Wally's Food Joint is a student-led initiative that aims to increase the number of students who purchase a meal at school, keep students on campus during lunch and decrease absences. The project was made possible through partnerships with the district’s Food and Nutrition Department, Seminole High School’s cafeteria and businesses in the community.


Three local restaurants will provide meals for purchase. Breakfast Station offers a breakfast burrito on mondays, Pipo's provides a cuban turkey burrito on Wednesdays and  Broke N' Bored Grill provides tacos or a southwest bowl on Fridays. Students worked with the Food and Nurtrition Department and the local businesses to ensure the meals meet USDA guidelines for school lunch.