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Pinellas student writes a book inspired by her struggle with shyness

May 3, 2019


Pinellas Park Middle School student Natalliah Bowdoin bravely used her personal struggle to write a novel.


Her story, "Not My Imagination," is about a shy girl who enters a fantasy world and meets talking animals who give her courage to make friends. She hopes the novel will help other students cope with loneliness and realize they're not alone.


"There is always someone there for you," she said.


About a year ago, Natalliah set a goal to write a book. Recently, it was published by Brooklyn Publishing.


"I am very excited that people are enjoying this, and moved by this," Natalliah said.

Many of her teachers have been supportive of her writing, especially Pinellas Park Middle School teacher Melanie Lesczynski. Natalliah has a great set of skills as well as an intrinsic motivation to push herself and improve, Lesczynsk said

Her friend Sydney Merritt is impressed by Nattaliah's choice to show her artistic side and progress as a writer.

Natalliah hopes her efforts will inspire other young people to share their talents and pursue their goals.