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Students win multiple awards at the state National History Day competition.

May 13, 2019


Teacher with students  going to National History Day at the University of Maryland, College Park in June.


Fourteen students received special awards or ranked first, second or third at the contest in Tallahassee May 5-7. Many student projects will advance to the national competition at the University of Maryland in June. Oren Schlierer, World History teacher at East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering, was named a Florida History Day Teacher of Merit winner.


Category winners:

  • St. Petersburg High School – Senior Papers, 1st place: Victor Xie, Angela Hack - Celebrating Historic Triumphs in the Midst of Tragedy: Ernie Pyle's Quest to Honor the Infantry of WWII
  • St. Petersburg High School – Senior Individual Website, 1st place: Kasha Tyranski, Angela Hack - The Suez Crisis of 1956: Triumph and Tragedy in the Name of Economic Domination
  • Largo High School – Senior Group Exhibit, 1st place: Renee Jones, Jonathan Yacobi, Deborah Pettingill - Breaking the Chains
  • Joseph L. Carwise Middle School – Junior Individual Exhibit, 1st place: Alicia Rhinehart, Jamie Colver - Helen Keller
  • Dunedin Highland Middle School    – Junior Group Documentary, 2nd place: Emily Hayes and Riley Matthews    Teresa Bergstrom - "Houston, We've Had a Problem Here" : The Triumph and Tragedy of Apollo 13
  • Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School – Junior Group Performance, 3rd place: Micaela Pedrazas, Ellie Kim, Natalie Grote    Laura Gibson - Over Those Twelve Feet
  • Palm Harbor University High School – Senior Individual Website, 3rd place: Maya Srinivasan, Jason Tsardoulias - "Drinking the Kool Aid": Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple

Special Prizes:

  • Seminole High School – Senior Group Exhibit, Native American Heritage Award: Cassandra Cavallaro, Serena Hesser, Rachel Leiner, Arren Swift - The Seminole War
  • Dunedin Highland Middle School – Junior Individual Documentary, Celebrate Freedom Award: Jordan Weisberg, Teresa Bergstrom - Breaking Through the Barbed Wire Fence: The Tragic Internment of Japanese Americans and their Triumph over Executive Order 9066


Competing teams at Floriday NHD Oren Schlierer World History teacher at East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering