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District students participate in Dr. King oratorical contest

Feb. 12, 2020

Pinellas County Schools students recently participated in the Citizens Alliance for Progress, Inc. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 2020 Oratorical Contest. The event was held at St. Petersburg College's -Tarpon Springs campus.

Separated into three categories, students in elementary school spoke on the topic: "How can I promote UNITY in my community?" The middle school topic was “If Dr. King asked you, How are Americans United in Love and Brotherhood, how would you answer him.” The high school topic was “What evidence would you give to Dr. King that we are “living together as brothers?” All speeches had to be between three and five minutes.

The top winner in each category received $100 and will give their speech at CAP Center’s 25th annual banquet which will be held at 3 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 23 at Innisbrook Resort & Golf Club. The second-place winner received $50 and the third-place finishers received $25.

The winners:

Elementary School
1st Isabella Gamble, fifth grade, Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary
2nd Brylee Housh, fifth grade, Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary
3rd Kennedy Shields- fifth grade – Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary

Elementary School winners


Middle School

1st Tanyla Farley, eight grade, Tarpon Springs Middle School
2nd Micah Snare, seventh grade, Clearwater Fundamental Middle School
3rd Rasool Alhasani, Tarpon Springs Middle School

Middle School winners


All the participants

All the participants