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More than 100 student artworks selected for the Student Surreal Art Exhibition at the Dali Museum


Feb. 24, 2020

Students at the Student Surreal Exhibit

The theme of the Student Surreal Art Exhibition is “Irrational Technology." Student art will be on display at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg through March 8.

A reception and awards ceremony was held on Tuesday, Feb. 11. The following students received top awards:

Awards of Excellence

  • Lily James, Hopkins Middle, Sandra Bourne
  • Nadenis Rodriguez, Hopkins Middle School, Sandra Bourne

Awards of Merit

  • Olivia Wessel, Hopkins Middle, Julie Smith
  • Anderson Vorasane, Hopkins Middle, Sandra Bourne

Honorable Mention

  • Malyssa Ollar, Tarpon Springs Middle, Joanna Baucic
  • Shireen Isakson, Hopkins Middle, Julie Smith


Awards of Excellence

  • Maxine McKay, East Lake High, Eileen Iacobucci
  • Maggie McKay, Gibbs High, Steve Beverage
  • Adria Peter, Gibbs High, Steve Beverage
  • Henna Rogers, Gibbs High, Steve Beverage

Awards of Merit

  • Alexzandra Cheney, East Lake High, Eileen Iacobucci
  • Maliyah Thongdora, Gibbs High, Brian McAllister
  • Amanda Nachman, Dunedin High, Salvatore Gulino
  • Alaina Card, Gibbs High, Yoko Nogami

Honorable Mention

  • Lagaia Christopher, Gibbs High, Brian McAllister
  • Alexa Allan, Largo High, Latonya Hicks
  • Emily Kelley, Largo High, Latonya Hicks
  • Paige Hawkins, Gibbs High, Steve Beverage

Student at the Surreal Exhibit Students on stage at the Surreal Exhibit People at the Surreal Exhibit