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District launches new program for children entering kindergarten next school year

April 29, 2021

Play Learn Grow Kickoff to Kindergarten

Pinellas County Schools is offering a new program to prepare children for kindergarten.

The Kickoff to Kindergarten - Rising Kindergarten Program is for children who will be attending kindergarten in August. Children will sing, play and dance, while they develop literacy skills and prepare for kindergarten success! Children can attend the program even if they already participated in VPK.

The program will take place June 21-July 15, Monday through Thursday.

Space is limited. Register soon.

Rising Kindergarten is one of our Summer Bridge learning programs.

Parents of students who have registered for kindergarten for next school year can log onto the Student Reservation System and register for Summer Bridge.

Parents who have not registered for kindergarten will need to make a reservation for kindergarten before enrolling in the Kickoff to Kindergarten – Rising Kindergarten Program. 

For more information and a list of sites, visit If you have questions, please call 727-588-6513.