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Osceola Middle School murals make national news

May 25, 2021

The List TV show featured three "Marvelous Murals" on Monday night and ranked Osceola Middle School’s murals No. 1!

Osceola Middle School students started a mural club with their art teacher Dwayne Shepard. They are designing and painting murals in the halls to beautify their campus.

"They are giving art club students an outlet to express themselves after a year full of uncertainty," said correspondent Teresa Strasser, who called them "hand-made hope."

Osceola Middle School Principal Dr. Solomon J. Lowery said the project is lifting spirits of the young artists as well as their classmates.

"I am looking for additional real estate on campus in which we can continue to expand because it is so positive that you don't want to stop it," he said.

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Osceola Middle School Murals