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State makes Bright Futures changes for 2020 graduates

June 18, 2020

Florida Bright Futures 2020 Program Changes Florida Bright Futures announced that they are allowing for 2020 graduates to get credit for their community service hours they intended to complete but were unable to finish due to the pandemic. Graduating seniors may not have been able to complete their community service hours so Florida Bright Futures will accept all hours they intended on completing.  To this end, the district will add 100 hours of community service to all seniors, so those that meet the other eligibility requirements will not be denied due to the community service requirement.  Individual requests from seniors or parents to have hours added are not necessary because the district will be providing Bright Futures with transcript documentation for all graduating seniors that they have completed 100 hours of service.

Florida Bright Futures has also extended the window of time new ACT, SAT and PERT test scores will be accepted to July 31, 2020.  This does not impact the SAT because there are no June/July test dates but it does apply to the ACT which students can take on July 18.  The registration deadline for this test date is June 19  and space is limited. 

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