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Pinellas County Schools shows continued progress during unprecedented year in education

Today, the Florida Department of Education released the 2021 Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) and End of Course (EOC) exams results. In a year that brought on major adjustments to instructional practices, the FSA and EOC results demonstrate the commitment of the staff, students and families of Pinellas County Schools.

Across the district, 95 percent of students participated in state assessments. The high participation rate shows that families, students and staff recognize the importance that assessment results play in identifying student-specific supports to minimize learning loss. Overall, the district performance remained consistent with state trends; however, outpaced the state average in several areas.

  • In Mathematics, students in grades 3-5, 6-8 and Algebra I outpaced Florida’s average score. Specifically, Pinellas County Schools Algebra I students outperformed the state average by ten percentage points.
  • In English Language Arts (ELA), Pinellas County Schools students in grades 3-5 outpaced Florida’s average score.
  • In Science, Pinellas County remained above the state average in fifth grade scores, this year outpacing the state by eight percentage points. Additionally, the overall fifth grade science scores increased by one percentage point from 2019.

Furthermore, assessment scores at Lakewood Elementary School were tremendous:

  • In ELA, the school increased proficiency by 21 percentage points to 41 percent with learning gains at 71 percent and learning gains for the lowest quartile at 93 percent;
  • In Mathematics, the school increased proficiency by 45 percentage points to 62 percent with learning gains at 88 percent and learning gains for the lowest quartile at 92 percent; and
  • In Science, the school increased proficiency by 17 percentage points to 44 percent.

This performance indicates that Lakewood Elementary School would earn an “A” grade in 2021 (up from an “F” grade in 2019). Lakewood Elementary School’s percent of total possible points for the 2020-21 school year was 70.  To earn an ‘A’ the percent of possible points must be 62 and above. This progress would be exceptional in any school year, and demonstrates the phenomenal dedication of staff, students, families and the entire Lakewood Tiger community.

“What an incredible year for Pinellas County Schools and its students,” said Superintendent Dr. Michael Grego. “I am so proud of all the teachers, administrators, support staff and families who worked so hard to make sure students were prepared and took these exams. These scores tell us where we need to focus our efforts during the 2021-2022 school year and reinforce the fact that Pinellas County Schools did not take its foot off the gas during the pandemic.”

Pinellas County Schools is fully committed to accelerate the learning outcomes for all students. Schools and teachers will use the results for every student to identify if learning loss occurred and determine additional supports needed to accelerate learning during the upcoming school year. The results also benefit district and school leaders to make informed decisions to allocate additional resources for student learning for the 2021-2022 school year.

More information, including demographic-specific data, will be shared once released by the Florida Department of Education.