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Mt. Vernon Elementary principal creates Tiny Totes program

April 6, 2022

When Mt. Vernon Elementary principal Robert Ovalle learned from one of his students that children placed in foster care are often only provided a trash bag to move their belongings between homes, it broke his heart. In response, he created Tiny Totes to help provide dignity to children in foster care. 

With support from Superintendent Dr. Michael Grego and help from the Mike Alstott Family Foundation, St. Petersburg Police Department, Town of Belleair, FL Government Police, Treasure Island Police Department and Florida State Graphics, Principal Ovalle raised over $10,000 to buy reusable bags - AKA Tiny Totes. The bags are lightweight, brightly colored and roll up to easily fit in a patrol car for distribution to kids in need.

This morning, nearly 3,000 bags were presented to the Child Protection Investigation Division with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office to be distributed to youth in foster care - but the project is not completed. Next, Principal Ovalle is working to provide toiletry bags with essentials to go into each tote. He has set up a Tiny Totes account through the Pinellas Education Foundation. If you would like to donate, just note in your contribution that you would like your donation to be put towards Tiny Totes. Donate to Tiny Totes

Police officers, Dr. Grego and Dr. Ovalle show Tiny Totes bags.

Unveiling the Tiny Totes logo.

Red Tiny Tote Bag