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St. Petersburg College recognizes PCS Student Services administrator for her dedication and expertise

May 24, 2022

Donna Sicilian and inaugural awards ceremony

Student Services Executive Director Donna Sicilian was awarded the Academic Excellence Award from SPC during the school’s Partnership Awards Ceremony on Friday. 

Sicilian, who has served on the Human Services Advisory Committee for more than 20 years, was nominated for the award by Dianne Clark, CEO of Operation PAR. 

"Sicilian has used her expertise as a licensed clinical social worker and education practitioner to share workforce needs that guide course curriculum, " shared Clark in the nomination packet. "Through her support, the Human Services Department has been able to expand the two-year program into a full four-year degree program giving SPC students the ability to further career opportunities upon graduation.”  

Human Services degrees provide opportunities to help others in the fields of mental health, addiction, counseling, social work, sociology and youth development.

Sicilian was one of several inaugural award winners. SPC has 29 Advisory Committees with 479 members that work closely with the college to ensure that our programs and offerings are suited for the local workforce.