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Pinellas County Schools earns award for outstanding commitment to whole-child education

Sept. 8, 2022

EVERFI EMPOWERED DISTRICT logoThe district was awarded the EVERFI Empowered District Seal for the second year in a row. 

The honor recognizes the district's exemplary commitment to providing a "whole-child" education through the use of EVERFI’s digital programs.

The seal confirms that the district successfully implemented a wide range of programs and services focused on critical skills, such as financial literacy, social-emotional learning, health and wellness, inclusion and college and career readiness.

EVERFI is a digital education organization focused on helping educators address challenging issues affecting society. The company provides courses on a variety of topics, including math, finance, wellness and African American history. 

Our district uses EVERFI courses for various programs, including social studies, health and mental health resources. Our Prevention Office has specifically used EVERFI courses for education about bullying prevention, college and career readiness, mental wellness, and the dangers of vaping. 

Pinellas High School Social Studies teachers use EVERFI for benchmark-aligned teaching in Economics with Financial Literacy and Personal Financial Literacy courses. EVERFI also offers a resource that supports benchmark aligned instruction in African American History. 

Students from Empowered Seal districts are eligible to win scholarships. Learn more on the EVERFI website

Districts must meet specific criteria to earn the K-12 Empowered Seal: Criteria include:

  • Efficacy-based Programs: accurate, supported by research, diverse instructional methods
  • Well-trained Staff: educators implementing the program receive high-quality training
  • Appropriate Placement: correct grade-level and timing, meets curriculum standards
  • Sufficient Reach: courses deployed to an entire grade-level with high usage and completion
  • Outcomes Evaluated: results reviewed to ensure student impact and knowledge gain