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Osceola High School coach earns national recognition

Jan. 20, 2023

Coach Matthews and Devin Daughtry

Osceola High Varsity Soccer Coach Ian Matthews is a national winner of the Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach® Award. 

The award recognizes coaches who inspire students to become the best versions of themselves in the game and in life. 

He was selected from hundreds of nominees. Coach Matthews was recently honored during halftime at a USF Bulls game. 

Matthews was nominated for this award by one of his team captains, Devin Daughtry, a Positive Coaching Alliance Tampa Bay scholarship recipient.  

"Coach Ian always pushed us to do our best and not to be afraid of making mistakes. He would never take me out of a game if I made a mistake," Devin said. "If my head was down for making a mistake, he would remind me to pick up my head and start again."

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Coach Matthews and Principal Bohnet