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Seventy-five student artworks selected for the Word & Image Exhibit

Feb. 28, 2023

Word and Image artists

The exhibit will be on display at the Morean Arts Center through March 18.

Artwork was created by students from elementary schools beginning with the letters N-W. 

In its 25th year, the exhibit showcases original student art and writing combined as a single piece. 

Students throughout the district created works of art and composed personal narratives based on the theme “I Am Enough.” 

The Morean Arts Center is located at 719 Central Ave. in St. Petersburg.

The public can enjoy the student artwork by visiting the Morean Art Center during regular business hours.

Artwork will also be posted in the PCS Student Virtual Gallery in the near future.

Congratulations to the award winners:

Pinellas County Art Education Association Young Artist Award:

  • Olivia Matthews, 5th grade, Shore Acres El, teacher: Laura Johnson

Top Awards:

  • Payton Burnett, 5th grade, Orange Grove El, teacher: Tara Cassman
  • Tyree Hillman, 4th grade, Perkins El, teacher: Leslie Dickey
  • Vlada Kozhevnikova, 4th grade, Plumb El, teacher: Lauren Regan

Honorable Mentions:

  • Romaisa Ezzerrad, 5th grade, Northwest El, teacher: Brittany Taft
  • Izabela Santos, 4th grade, Orange Grove El, teacher: Tara Cassman
  • Isabelle Smith, 4th grade, Perkins El, teacher: Kristin Eschenroeder
  • Collette Levesque, 4th grade, Perkins El, teacher: Kristy House
  • Malena Freeman, 3rd grade, San Jose El, teacher: Barbara Peters
  • Ma’lasia Jones, 4th grade, Sandy Lane El, teacher: Devon Jacques
  • Mycheal Negron, 5th grade, Sandy Lane El, teacher: Judith Woodward
  • Ashlynn Schechter, 4th grade, Starkey El, teacher: Heather Leisch
  • Zulangeliz Vargas-Rodriguez, 5th grade, Westgate El, teacher: Nina Caruso
  • Ivanna Renteria, 5th grade, Woodlawn El, teacher: Adam Turkel

Artists and the Word & Image exhibitArtist and fan at Word & Image Exhibit

Students at the Word & Image exhibit