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PCS celebrates early college, early admissions grads

May 18, 2023

Early college graduates on stageEarly college graduates on stage

Seniors in the Early College and Early Admissions programs were celebrated at their medallion ceremonies at two St. Petersburg College campuses Friday. Students not only graduated with their high school diploma, but also their Associate of Arts degree.

The celebrations included 51 graduates from the Tarpon Springs campus, 66 from the Seminole campus and 63 from the Clearwater campus. Students had to maintain a 3.0 high school GPA and remain on track to graduate with all assessments and coursework requirements. They also had to maintain a 2.0 college GPA while taking 15 hours of course work each semester.

The Medallion Ceremony is specifically to recognize the Early Titan students who are earning their AA degrees. They also have the opportunity to participate in their regular high school graduation and the full SPC graduation.

Students apply for Early College at the end of their sophomore year and Early Admissions at the end of their junior year. For more information, visit the dual enrollment page on the PCS website.