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PCS Ignite Youth Choir enters year two

Sept. 13, 2023

With just one year under its belt, the Pinellas County Schools Ignite Children’s Choir has come a long way.

Not only has the district seen registrations nearly double from this time last year, but the program has now expanded to sixth graders, will have two themed concerts, and will incorporate music from other languages, movement and choreography and sign language into the performances.

“Our desire is to create and develop lifelong music makers,” said Brigitte Poulson, the PCS Performing Arts Coordinator and the executive director of the Ignite Youth Choir. “What better way than to allow students the opportunity to participate in this ensemble for multiple years.”

The Ignite Youth Choir is based on five core principles: inclusivity, access, quality music instruction, diversity of musical experiences, and unique performances.

“The Ignite Youth Choir believes in educating the entire child, nurturing their creativity and independence, and giving them the attention, time, and resources they need to become the best singer they can be,” Poulson said of the choir’s mission. “Music is for all and should be accessible to all.”

Registration is currently underway for all Pinellas County third through sixth graders. The choir regularly meets every Tuesday from 6 to 7:15 p.m. at three separate rehearsal locations (north, mid and south county). The choir later combines to perform two concerts throughout the school year – one in December and one in May. The north-county location is Cypress Woods Elementary, the mid-county location is Ponce de Leon Elementary, and the south-county location is Johns Hopkins Middle School.

The first rehearsal and a parent meeting is set for Sept. 19. Ignite Youth Choir is free to participants thanks to funding provided by the Referendum.

To register to participate, visit the Youth Choir page on our website.