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Dinner is served at Curtis Fundamental

Feb. 15, 2024

Selecting bowls at the Empty Bowls fundraiserDinner buffet at Empty Bowls fundraiser

What began as a ceramic art project in conjunction with the Safety Harbor Art and Music Center, culminated in $4,000 worth of donations for the Pinellas Community Foundation.

After designing, creating, and glazing more than 500 ceramic bowls starting back in November, Curtis Fundamental Elementary School students, staff and families held its Empty Bowls fundraiser on Friday, Feb. 9, 2024. Participants could purchase a bowl of their choice and fill it with dinner donated by local restaurants.

“After the event, guests take home their now-empty bowls to serve as a reminder of the empty bowls in our community,” said Linda Hilterbrandt, the art specialist at Curtis Fundamental who helped organize the event.

The menu included chicken chowder, chili and cookies from Harbor Dish in Safety Harbor, roasted red pepper bisque and Greek salad from Clear Sky and pasta with marinara sauce and breadsticks from Olive Garden.

Attendees purchased tickets for $15, which allowed them to fill their bowl with “a simple meal” of bread and soup. The school sold 165 bowls on Friday night and another 80 bowls at its PTA meeting on Tuesday evening.

Pinellas Community Foundation is a local non-profit dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for residents of Pinellas County.