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Middle school students earn drone certification

May 7, 2020

Two Azalea Middle School students have become the first two middle school students in the world to finish the Unmanned Safety Institute CAPE Certification for the Safety Level (1) program.  

Stefan Iltchev and McKenzie Bell passed this certification test which is a college-level course. If the two were in high school, they would have received college credit for their accomplishment.

The Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) is the leading aviation-based safety training provider for unmanned operations, or, drones.  USI is a recognized leader in flight safety solutions for individuals, academia, and organizations focused on integrating and operating UAS for civil or commercial purposes. The Unmanned Safety Institute provides unmanned aircraft flight safety training and certification based on time-honored aviation safety practices.  With instructors and customers around the world, USI is the global leader in unmanned aircraft training and certification.

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Stefan Iltchev

Azalea Middle School Middle School Students