• Richard O. Jacobson Technical High School


    New Student Documents

  • Probation Policy Acknowledgement

    Every district application program is required to write policy on how and why a student could be placed on probation and, if not meeting these minimum requirments, be withdrawn from the program.

    Our families are required to sign an acknowledgement of our probation policy.  This document doesn't place the student on probation, it just acknowledges that we have a policy to support our students before dismissing back to the zoned school.

    Probation Policy Policy Acknowledgement

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  • Registration Documents 

    The following portfolio of documents should be completed for parents new to Pinellas County Schools.  

    Although you have a seat at one of our programs at Jacobson, you still need to complete these forms for school registration.  Most allow you to type on them before printing. Copies are available in our office for you to complete. 

    We have included an Affidavit of Residency for those parents who may be living with someone and the dwelling is not in their names.  This document is notarized (both sides) and the supporting residency documents from the person you live with will be used for registration.  If you have questions, please call our office.  727-545-6405, 2007 (6:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.)

    Registration Portfolio for Jacobson

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  • Sports Participation

    As you may know, Tech High does not have a sports program; however, Pinellas County School Board has permitted you to attend your zoned school’s sports program.  You will need two documents:

    High School Participation Form –  (annual renewal dated after July 1st)  This 13 page document is required for every student participating in sports or band in Pinellas County. All students must submit a new packet each July for the coming school year.  It must be dated after July 1st.  One page must be notarized (page 4) and several pages (6 – 8) are completed by your family physician.  The completed documents are turned into your zoned school’s coach or athletic director. (I would recommend making a copy)

    Co Enrollment Application (annual renewal)  This form is required to participate in sports or band at your zoned school.  Right side, 3rd item down, “DAP School Name” you enter Richard O. Jacobson Technical HS.  It is turned into PCS’ Student Assignment office. All students must submit a new co-enrollment form each July for the coming school year.  

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