• As Richard O. Jacobson Technical High School does not have sports programs. Pinellas County Schools has permitted our students to participate in their zoned school's sports programs.  The School Board of Pinellas County has only authorized co-enrollment for SPORTS ONLY (not band or eurythmics). 

    Email the completed form to:  Jasia Mitchell, Secretary to Al Bennett who is the Director of Athletics.  Her email is: mitchelljas@pcsb.org. If you have any questions, call her at: (727) 588- 6000 Ext 6124.

    Steps to participating in sports programs:

    • Complete the required Co Enrollment Form.  Upon approval, you will receive a copy of the approved form.  Once you get the approval, you can then...
      1. Bring proof of residency to the co-enrollment school where your child will be participating in their sports program.
      2. Complete the Athletic Participation Form.
      3. Purchase the necessary insurance.  If your child purchased insurance through Richard O. Jacobson Technical High School, include the screen print of your receipt.  If your child is participating in football, it requires tackle insurance which is not covered under the general policy.

    Links for your convenience: