• Nursing & Veterinary Programs

    Students in Nursing and Veterinary Science programs will be required to wear:

    • Scrubs five (5) days a week
    • Closed-toe shoes. No slides or flip-flop type shoes
    • Scrub bottoms should be dark navy blue, royal blue, ceil blue, black, pewter grey or maroon
    • Scrub tops in various (school appropriate) designs. 


    In addition, both programs require the purchase of our Tech High School scrub set which will be worn at clinicals and program events.  See Financial Assistance form in Parent Resources for financial help with purchasing required logo scrubs.

    Our vendor for the embroidered scrubs is ScrubIn:

    You can order online at:


    Access Code:  TECHHS727

    (888) 988-0028 



     Scrubin Uniforms also offers non-logoed attire.

    There are many sources for scrub wear including major department stores like Walmart or Target. Consider shopping online for the greatest selection of sizes and colors. Please remember that scrub bottoms must be dark navy blue, royal blue, ceil blue, black, pewter grey or maroon.


    Scrub tops may be any school appropriate design.  Many students have scrubs for various seasons and holidays.


    It is recommended that students in the Veterinary program purchase boots or galoshes that can withstand mud, water and animal waste You should look for something that goes over the ankle area as sloppy stuff can be deep.  These boots can run from the economical $15 to over $100 depending on the style and the designer manufacturer.  The best suggestion is an inexpensive boot that can be hosed off and put into a locker.