Student Programs

  • 00422542 5000 Role Model of Excellence Program the 5000 Role Model of Excellence is a program designed to boost the self-image, increase social skills, and academic performance of targeted males, in part, by motivating them to interact with respected and successful men whose real-life accomplishments can inspire young males to succeed. Students are paired up with mentors and they meet bi-weekly to discuss academics, current teen issues, and world-wide issues. Students are recommended by their teachers, peers, counselors, and administrators. Students must have parental consent and meet all program requirements.

    gf_logo_copyGirlfriends of Pinellas County School
    is a program designed to empower young ladies through academic support and mentorship. Students are provided with the resources, tools and guidance necessary to encourage self-discipline, positive behaviorism, and to cultivate high self-esteem and self-reliance. Mentors, community leaders, teachers and school administrators work closely with students to foster a supportive relationship through social growth. Students have an opportunity to participate in field trips that will enhance cultural awareness; community service learning projects are part of the program that builds a sense of citizenship and community pride. Parent participation is encouraged through parent/girl meetings and workshops. To find out more information or how you can be involved, contact Dr. Valerie Brimm @ 727-588-6245.

    girlskills-1GirlSkills, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that offers enriching instructional programs designed to expand the skill sets of girls and young women from elementary school to college. We believe the Real Life Skills programs we offer are critical to the social development and empowerment of the girls we serve.

    Quantum Program
    the Eisenhower Foundation and the Center for Criminal JusticeCommunity20Partnerhave partnered with the Pinellas County School System to implement the Quantum program. The goal of the Quantum program is to increase the graduation rate for high school students by developing a 9th grade cohort group that will be monitored throughout their high school career. Services are provided for 30 9th graders at St. Petersburg and Gibbs High school. The program focuses: (1) Education (2) Youth Development (3) Youth Leadership and Democracy Building and (4) Support. While participating in the program, the student will receive tutoring and mentoring services, attend enrichment activities, have access to a computer lab, and receive financial incentives.

    00408982The National Trust for the Development of African American Men the Pinellas County School District and the National Trust for the Development of African American Men entered a mutual partnership with the Pinellas County School System to provide a 26 week leadership program for African American males that will educate, organize, and lead these males into a greater understand and awakening of their history, culture, and values. It has been agreed upon that the National Trust for the Development of African American Men will provide 26 leadership sessions for (20) AA males at Gibbs High School and (20) AA males at Boca Ciega High School for an hour each session. Upon completion of the program the students will participate in a graduation program.

    00439475The Fairmount Park Children Initiative is a reform initiative, modeled after the Harlem Children Zone, New York. The initiative is designed to provide students from prekindergarten to fifth grade with an infrastructure of support through educational programs, integrated community services, social services, early intervention and prevention programs, and resources that will increase students’ academic performances, improve behavior and increase parental engagement and community support. The scope of the initiative provides students with highly effective teachers, best pedagogy practices; quality social services, social work assistance, enrichment activities, and before and after school care. The partnership between Juvenile Welfare Board, City of St. Petersburg, and Pinellas County School believes that this initiative will stimulate students’ passion for learning, cultivate a positive learning environment at home, and bridge the gap between parents, communities, and stakeholders to the education institution.

    00439289Grand-Kids is a life transforming program that provide opportunity for students to volunteer and earn community service points by assisting the elderly. This program is designed to build the strong fabric of the society by developing Compassion, Respect, Friendship and Responsibility in our youths. Students receive 10 weeks of leadership training and during this training they visits nursing homes, hospice care units, and hospitals to encourage the elderly, read to the elderly and share life experiences. They also get an opportunity to reinforce their curriculum by discussing about travels around the world, past life experiences of 60 yrs ago without TV’s, Cars, and Cell phones, Environment, Art, plant a tree and embrace different ethnicity and cultures building love and respect.

    hands_in_the_sand1Tarpon Springs Trauma Informed Community
    The Tarpon Springs Community is in the process of developing what is called a Trauma Informed Community that will embrace the community and the 3 elementary schools. The purpose is to bring an awareness of the root causes of trauma in the community. It expresses a commitment to understand, educate and provide resources to foster a safe and healthy environment where children and families can grow and develop. Identifying a network of schools, social service agencies, businesses, clergy, health care providers, safety and governmental offices and others who are committed to assist in the healing of trauma is essential in the formation of a trauma informed community. Through these entities the education, intervention and treatment of the effects of trauma will be accomplished. Using a strengths-based approach, individuals and groups will be assisted in defining their own capacities to contribute to developing a healthy community.

    00439493America Reads and America Counts is a tutoring program that provides reading tutors for elementary school age student and math tutors for middle school age students. The tutors are college students for Clearwater Christian College and St. Petersburg College. In conjunction with various local colleges the program employs college students who are trained by Pinellas County School personnel.

    Students Targeted for Educational Performance (S.T.E.P.) program is comprised of minoritySTEP_Website_Picture students who maintain a cumulative 2.5 or higher GPA and FCAT scores that fall within level 3 in reading and /or math. The S.T.E.P. program will provide a school-based supportive structure for minority students in order to optimize academic achievement through encouragement, support, and guidance.
    Please contact the S.T.E.P. Coordinator David Lawson: (727) 588-6537.

    Take Stock In Children Through the support of businesses, civic groups, a myriad of organizations and individuals who care enough to invest their resources in the future of our school children, the Pinellas Take Stock in Children Scholarship program, in partnership with the statewide Take Stock in Children program, is giving low-income students the opportunity to work toward the attainable goal of a college education. While TSIC provides those necessary college tuition funds, this comprehensive program offers so much more including mentors who provide inspiration and guidance and school-based ambassadors who monitor student progress and enhance student learning through enrichment activities.

    Students may be nominated for a TSIC Scholarship in grades 6 - 10. If awarded, they will receive the opportunity for a two-year college tuition scholarship or technical school training by fulfilling a contractual obligation to attend school regularly, meet with a mentor on a scheduled basis, maintain at least a "C" in all classes, study for tests, complete homework assignments and remain crime and drug free.

    • Currently, there are more than 1,450 TSIC graduates that are now achieving success at many of our Florida colleges and universities.
    • There are approximately 40,000 students in Pinellas County who are eligible for TSIC Scholarships.

    For more information go to

    Joseph L. Carwise Minority Achievement Award minority students in North Pinellas are00439506 selected by their administrator, teachers, or counselor to receive the Joseph L. Carwise Achievement Award. This award is given to students who have maintained high academic performance and displayed exemplary character throughout the year. Minority seniors have an opportunity to apply for the Joseph L. Carwise scholarship that is awarded to two students each year.
    For more information on Student Programs within Pinellas County Schools or to sponsor a student program please contact the Office of Strategic Partnerships at (727) 588-6405 or email us at volunteers@pcsb.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .