Policies for Flyer Approval



    The Superintendent, or designee, may approve the announcement of non-school events and/or the distribution of materials and literature to students for organizations working in partnership with the School District. The events and/or materials must be consistent with the values of the School District (i.e., the District's vision, mission, strategic directions and core values). 


    The following policy applies to publications other than student and non-academic publications:  non-school related literature from organizations or individuals must be approved by the Superintendent, or designee, and such publications shall be made accessible only as provided in the following procedures.


    When an organization or individual wishes to make non-school events and publications accessible through the public schools, all advertisement and materials must be submitted to the Superintendent, or designee, for approval and shall be made accessible only as provided herein.  All items will be reviewed for consistency with the values of the School District by the Superintendent, or designee, prior to advertisement through District communication platforms.


    Review of and potential grounds for denial of approval to advertise non-school events or distribute non-school related publications shall include, but not be limited to, violation of School Board policy (i.e., advertising), obscenity and gross profanity and vulgarity which are incompatible with the normal activity associated with a public education institution as well as other forms of unprotected expression.


    Guidelines for external organizations to advertise for events and/or distribute materials to students can be obtained from the Office of Strategic Partnerships.


    Such advertisement of non-school events or distribution of materials shall be subject to the following restrictions:

    1. The announcement shall be for the sole purpose of making students and families aware of enrichment opportunities that support education beyond the classroom and/or leisure activities by organizations working in partnership with the District.
    2. The content of the advertisement or announcement shall be limited to providing information about the activity or series of related activities and the time, date and place of the event, as well as a contact person and telephone number.
    3. The advertisement or announcement shall include the name of the sponsoring organization and include the following disclaimer in at least twelve (12) point type in bold letters: The school is neither endorsing nor sponsoring this event/materials nor approving or endorsing the views of the organization sponsoring the activity.


    Following Superintendent, or designee, approval, non-school related publications are distributed through District communication platforms.


    The school principal, or administrator designee, may make the decision of whether the publication should be distributed in paper form.


    F.S. 1001.32(2), 1001.41, 1001.42, 1001.43

    Revised 4/10/18