As families make the decision on the method of learning they will choose for the first quarter of the school year, we have provided answers to our frequently asked questions. 

    We recognize that this is a difficult decision and it is our desire to provide as much information as possible. The information provided below is a supplement to the document provided by the Pinellas School District, found here.

    How can I remain in PCCA and take courses online?

    To remain in PCCA and take courses online, you must opt for the MyPCS learning option.  If you enroll in Pinellas Virtual School, you will be removed from the magnet program, and you will not have the option to re-enroll in PCCA.


    Can I take my arts classes in person and my other courses online?

    Enrollment in MyPCS Online is a health and safety-based choice for parents. MyPCS Online does not allow for a blending of Traditional and MyPCS Online courses.


    Will PCCA offer all the arts elective courses online with MyPCS Online?

    Specialized programs, like PCCA, will be offered online in one of two ways. If enough students enrolled in the program cohort (grade level) opt for MyPCS Online, then the course(s) in the program will be offered fully online. If not, efforts will be made to have the live classroom instruction streamed to students in their homes through Canvas and Microsoft Teams.  

    However, the full-range of elective offerings may not be available.  Elective offerings will be based on the number of students at each school opting in to MyPCS Online. At a minimum, music, visual arts, physical education, ESE support, ESOL, and gifted courses will be offered at each school.  Since PCCA offers over 75 different elective courses, and it may not be feasible to offer each one online. Gibbs will make every effort to as many electives options as possible in order to provide a quality PCCA experience, based on the enrollment numbers.


    If I decide to choose MyPCS Online, can I still participate in ensembles and productions on campus?

    After-school arts activities are available for students who choose MyPCS.  At this time, we are still determining how this will look, and our plan will be based on enrollment information that we receive after the parent survey is closed on 7/27.


    How will in-person performance classes like band, choir, acting, and dance be different?

    PCCA will be using district guidelines and the guidance of the major national professional organizations and research institutions to define our best practices to keep students safe while engaging in performance classes.   We continue to watch the research closely.  We will have an opportunity to strengthen individual performance and artistry as we await research results.  We expect that there may be a greater focus on smaller ensembles. 


    Will PCCA continue live performances this year?

    This will be determined through guidance by the district.  There is not yet enough information to commit to a traditional performance schedule at this time.   


    For majors that include private lessons, will private lessons continue in-person if I choose the Traditional (in-person) option?

    We plan to continue private lessons, but safety measures will be put in place to protect the student and teacher, including the possibility of digital private instruction while the student is on campus.


    Will private lessons be available for students using the MyPCS Online option?

    While private lessons are a critical component to our curriculum, we do not have a definitive answer at this time.  Every effort will be made for students who choose MyPCS Online to have access to private lessons through a digital platform.


    Will private lessons be available for students who enroll in Pinellas Virtual School?

    If a student enrolls in Pinellas Virtual School, their school of record shifts to PVS, so they will no longer be considered a PCCA student.  Private lessons would only be available to students who are still enrolled with PCCA through the Traditional and MyPCS Online learning options.


    When will new PCCA student orientation and the annual PCCA senior meeting take place?

    These will be scheduled once we have clear direction from the district after the parent survey closes on 7/27.  Both meetings will likely take place digitally.

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