• Choir and Orchestra

    WHO we are

    Our music department is a diverse blend of students who are joined by their passion for music.  Students choose a track in voice or instrumental music and we support them in their artistic journey to become the finest musician they can be.  Students spend half of their class schedule in the music department, where they are around other students who share a love of making music. 


    WHAT we do

    Our faculty of specialized, professional musicians work with each individual student to help them with their goals of becoming stronger in the art.  Opportunities in award-winning ensembles such as choir, band, orchestra, and jazz band provide an outlet for students to perform.  Courses in music performance, music theory, song writing, music history, and sound engineering/recording, allow students to explore the many different specialties in the profession. Weekly private lessons in voice or the student’s chosen instrument provide individualized instruction to grow each student.


    WHERE do you go next

    The music faculty prepare students to be competitive in auditions and for scholarships to major conservatories, colleges, and universities.  While the department prepares students to pursue these opportunities, some students use the skills they have learned in the arts to seek college and university admission in fields outside of the arts.  Colleges seek out students with arts backgrounds for admission in all fields of study. 

    Music graduates from PCCA are performing all over the world in major symphony orchestras and ensembles.