PCCA Curriculum


    Dance Dance


    The Pinellas County Center for the Arts Dance Department’s philosophy is based on the belief that a combination of strong technical proficiency and artistic skills combined with academic excellence provides the best preparation for the 21st century dancer, both on and off the stage. The Dance Department provides a nurturing, yet demanding and concentrated environment for an in-depth study of Ballet and Modern Dance. We believe that versatile performance and audition opportunities are essential for the total development of a dancer prepared to face the rigors and technical demands of today’s dance world.
  • Music Music

    The Music Program at the Pinellas County Center for the Arts is dedicated to the development of each student’s knowledge and artistic excellence in their area of music. A variety of instructional and performance opportunities prepares students either for advanced musical study or instills an appreciation for the arts in those who choose other careers. Student’s growth at the Center for the Arts will be directly proportional to the amount of time spent with their discipline. Inasmuch as the administration and the staff of the Pinellas County Center for the Arts consider it a privilege to teach gifted and motivated students, we feel it is reasonable to expect certain work ethics and behaviors from the talented students with whom we work.
  • Technical Theatre

    Technical Theater

    The PCCA Technical Theatre Department is designed to offer students the opportunity to gain, expand, and apply their technical abilities as well as teach them the means to communicate their ideas through design and technical drawing. The Technical Theatre Department’s intention is to prepare students for further study in the areas of technical theatre, multi-media, crew work, theatrical design, and theatre management.
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  • Theater


    The PCCA Theatre Department is designed to offer students an in depth knowledge of the performance, musical, and literary skills necessary to enter top level colleges, universities, or professional training institutions. A variety of instructional, practical and performance opportunities will prepare the student for advanced theatre study and employment in the theatrical profession. This department offers two possible major study focuses: Performance Theatre and Musical Theatre.
  • Visual Arts

    Visual Arts

    The PCCA Visual Arts Program is an accelerated, in-depth program intended to meet the individual needs of students who are artistically talented and motivated. The Visual Arts Program is intended to prepare students aesthetically, academically, and technically for further studies in the arts or to imbue an appreciation of the arts in those who choose other careers.