PCCA Shadowing and Application Information

  • Are you a current 8th or 9th grade student interested in Dance, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Visual Arts, Musical, Performance or Technical Theatre/Design Technology?


    Parents and guardians are encouraged to schedule a tour of the campus.   

    To schedule a Campus Tour, please contact Mrs. Gilbert in the magnet office, at 727-893-5452 ext. 2337

    The PCCA Application and Audition Process


    How to Apply to the Pinellas County Center for the Arts:
    • Obtain a Parent PORTAL User ID and Password before you apply. If you already have a PORTAL ID and Password it is not necessary to get another. If you do not already have a PORTAL User ID and Password, you must go to a nearby school and ask to get one. You must bring photo ID with you.
    Once you have applied at http://reservation.pcsb.org/, you may choose any of the audition dates and times listed below to audition for the program:
    Auditions will be VIRTUAL this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

    For more information please contact the PCCA office at 893-5452 Ext. 2337 or 2338.

    You may also email us at gilbertla@pcsb.org

    Please view the audition details for each department below.  Some departments are holding auditions live through Zoom or Teams, and others require an upload of prepared photos or video.  The deadline for all uploads is FEBRUARY 4, 2021.  (Visual Art materials must be uploaded by Monday, February 1.)


    Audition Requirements



    Dance Master Class

    Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the PCCA Dance Department 2021-2022. If you are a current 8th grader or a high school transfer student who is interested in learning more about PCCA Dance, let us know how to get in touch with you and your parents by completing an Audition Request form, found here:  Audition Information Request Form


    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year we will offer three different virtual audition formats. Please select the format that allows you to remain safe while demonstrating your strongest dance performance skills. Once the PCCA faculty receives your Audition Request Form.

    You will receive follow up instructions for completing your full dance audition and PCCA application by email. You will also receive a link for the audition combinations for demonstration and a link to a personal google drive folder where you can upload your audition materials.

    Admissions decisions will be made within three weeks of submission of the recorded or virtual audition. Notification is by email.


    Format 1 – Auditions by Recorded Upload

    Format 2 – Virtual Auditions in Teams or Zoom

    Format 3 – Faculty Master Classes: Virtual or Face-to-Face

    If you have any questions about the audition, please contact Patricia Paige at paigep@pcsb.org.

    Instrumental Music

    *Auditions will be held live through Teams*

    Please click this link to sign up for an audition time:  Link for Instrumental Music Auditions 

    Music The audition for instrumental music consists of the following:

    • Woodwind/Brass/String Instruments
    • Percussion
    • Piano

    Band & String Instruments

    If you play a “band” instrument, prepare a solo from the FBA Solo and Ensemble list. A grade 3 (or higher) solo is sufficient. String players should prepare a piece of quality literature by a name composer. All instrumentalists should avoid pop or show tunes, or parts from their band or orchestra music. Please do not bring an accompanist. If you have a solo that you have played or are working on from Solo and Ensemble Festival, you may play that. At your audition, the judges will probably not listen to the whole solo, and they may have you skip to different spots within it. Please bring an extra copy of the music for the judges to look at.

    • You will also be asked to play 2 major scales. Band instruments will play from the following group of concert pitch scales: Ab, Eb, Bb, F, and C. String instruments will play from this group: F, C, G, D, and A.
    • The playing portion of the audition concludes with sight reading. This is typically an 8 measure piece of moderate difficulty.
    • Finally, the judges will do a short interview with you in which they will ask a few questions about, for example, your artistic drive, whether or not you take private lessons, etc.


    For your solo piece, you may play an FBA Solo and Ensemble piece on either snare, mallets, or timpani. Your sight reading will consist of a short snare excerpt. In addition, percussionists will be asked to tune the timpani to a note given from the piano.


    The Piano Audition consists of four components:


                • Scales and Skills

    You will be asked to play two scales from the following keys: C, G, D, F and B-flat.  Play your scales hands together or separately in two octaves with the corresponding major arpeggio (LH cross-over or individual hands with thumb under).


                • Sight-Reading

    We will provide a short piece for you to sight-read.


                • Performance

    Prepare two contrasting selections from memory. Pieces should be from the four major periods of piano literature (Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary).  Pieces can be chosen from these collections: “First Lesson in Bach” – Schirmer Edition, “Sonatina Album” – Schirmer Ed., “Preludes” by Chopin, “Album for the Young” by Schumann, “24 Pieces for Children” Opus 39 by Kabalevsky, or “Progressive Pieces, Op. 100” by Burgmüller.  More advanced pieces are also welcome. Bring your sheet music with measures numbered.  


                • Brief Interview

                    This will be your chance to ask any questions you may have about our program as well as a chance for us to hear about your music goals.  


    If you have difficulty obtaining an appropriate audition music or have any other questions about the audition, please contact Andre Dubas at dubasa@pcsb.org.


    Vocal Music

    *Auditions will be held live through Zoom*
    The Vocal Music audition will include an interview with the student as well as the following audition performance:

    Prepared Selection:
    One prepared selection is required for the audition. This selection should be an art song, folk song, sacred song or spiritual. If you are participating in FVA Solo and Ensemble MPA, we encourage you to use this song for your audition. Songs may be in a foreign language, but it is not required.

    Some examples of suggested songs:
    • The Water is Wide, arr. Clear   FREE DOWNLOADS:  The Water is Wide- Low Key Download      The Water is Wide- High Key Download
    • Amazing Grace, arranged by Jay Althouse (from Folk Songs for Solo Singers, vol. 1, published by Alfred)
    • All Through the Night, arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram (from Folk Songs for Solo Singers, vol. 2, published by Alfred)
    • Caro Mio Ben by Giuseppe Giordani (from Twenty-Four Italian Songs and Arias, published by G. Schirmer)

    Most middle school choral teachers have access to these books and other appropriate selections.

    Pop music is not recommended for this audition. We strongly discourage a cappella auditions or singing with a prerecorded accompaniment track. An accompanist will be provided for the audition so please have copies of your music available for them. While it is preferred, the selection does not need to be memorized.
    Click here to schedule your Vocal Music Major Audition.


    If you have difficulty obtaining an appropriate audition song or have any other questions about the audition, please contact Matthew Clear at clearm@pcsb.org.

    Performance Theatre

    *Auditions must be recorded and uploaded to the link below*

    Performance Theatre (upload videos to Musical and Performance Theatre Audition)--please note that if a student is auditioning for Musical Theatre, that will count for both auditions—they do not need to submit a second audition set of videos to be considered for Performance Theatre

    1. Two contrasting monologues (45-60 seconds each) from any published play
    2. One pantomime (45-60 seconds)—topic: you are waking up and getting ready for school in the morning and something goes horribly wrong
    If you have difficulty obtaining appropriate audition material or have any other questions about the audition, please contact Dustin Hinzman at hinzmand@pcsb.org.

    Musical Theatre

    *Auditions must be recorded and uploaded to the link below*

    Musical Theatre (upload videos to Musical and Performance Theatre Audition)

    1. Two contrasting song cuttings (45-60 seconds each) from any Broadway musicals performed a capella or if you use a track, with no vocals on the track
    2. One monologue (45-60 seconds) from any published play
    3. OPTIONAL Dance—this portion should only be completed and submitted by students with some dance experience. Not submitting will not affect your chances of being accepted into the musical theatre program. This is used to simply place students into the correct level of dance. If you do not submit a dance audition, you will simply be placed in level 1 / beginning dance techniques as a freshman. If you have dance experience, please watch this short video, learn the combination, and send that in with the two songs and monologue for consideration: https://youtu.be/3a5Xhej8FgI
    If you have difficulty obtaining appropriate audition material or have any other questions about the audition, please contact Dustin Hinzman at hinzmand@pcsb.org.

    Theatrical Design & Technology
    Technical Theater

    *Audition materials must be emailed to the address below*

    The audition process for The Pinellas County Center for the arts Design Technology Department has three parts.  Each part relates to one of the areas of concentration in technical theatre.


    PART I: Drawing/Craftwork

    Students auditioning are asked to submit three pencil drawings.  These can be photographed and sent to archards@pcsb.org.

    Drawing 1: Draw a corner of a room…This drawing shows the students understanding of perspective.

    Drawing 2. Draw a draped piece of fabric…This drawing shows the students ability to render organic forms, shade using mid-tones and demonstrates the student’s ability to “draw what they see”.

    Drawing 3. Draw a household appliance…This drawing shows the students ability to render non-organic forms, use highlights and deep shadows and demonstrates the student’s ability to “draw what they see”.

    Other (optional):  Students should also submit photographs of other examples of their art or craft work. These may include projects they have built, Artwork they have created including sculpture and painting as well as artistic photos or digital work.


    PART II: Practical and Problem Solving

    • Measuring Exercise: Students are asked to complete the attached work sheet where they demonstrate their ability to measure and change scale. Please print it out, measure and write your answers and photograph it to return to Mrs. Archard.  Link: Measuring Exercise PCCA
    • Cat and Dog Problem: Students are given a brief story in which a problem is presented and asked to suggest a solution. Link: Cat & Dog Problem


    PART III: Interview.

    Please notify me archards@pcsb.org so we can set up a team’s meeting to meet with you!

    We look forward to meeting with you. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions

    If you have any questions about the audition, please contact Siobhan Archard at archards@pcsb.org.

    Visual Art

    Visual Art

    *Auditions require uploading the required photos to the site below AND scheduling a live interview through Zoom*


    The following information explains the PCCA Visual Art audition process for the 2021/22 school year.  Outlined below are the instructions to follow for digital submission of artworks ahead of scheduled virtual interviews.  We will be scheduling interviews starting the month of January.  All materials will need to be delivered no later than Monday February 1st at 11:59 pm to be considered for the January audition window.    



    Select Artworks to include with audition application:

    • Finished artworks from middle school classes, sketchbook pages, artworks done independently etc. 
    • From direct observation (not photography) 3 drawings. These drawings should take at least 2 hours a piece to complete. 
      • self-portrait drawing
      • shoe(s) drawing
      • still life drawing (objects of their choosing)


    Photographing Artworks:

    • All artworks should be photo-documented for digital submission.
    • All photos should be saved as a jpeg file no more than 1mb.
    • Parents/students should use good lighting and steady camera to capture the best possible image to represent the artwork.Poor lighting, awkward perspective, blurry images will all be interpreted as poor preparation and affect the evaluation.


    Submitting Artworks:

    1. Label each file with student’s name (Last name_First Name_1,2,3). Jpeg only
    2. Create a new gmail account using this format (LastName.FirstName.MiddleName@gmail.com)
    3. These files should be delivered to this shared drive using your newly created gmail acct.


    1. Create your own folder within the shared drive folder to label with student name

     Please confirm with an email with all materials have been delivered, and also if you are having difficulty accessing/delivering artworks to the shared drive.


    Virtual Interviews:

    • The Visual Art Department will conduct the oral interview portion through a live meeting via Zoom.
    • Please go to https://calendly.com/pccaauditions/1?month=2021-01 to schedule yourself for 15 minute time slot. 
    • Calendly will generate a zoom meeting for you to attend on that day and time to answer questions about themselves and arts interest.