• Dancer

    WHO we are

    The Dance Department is a community of students who enjoy the study and practice of Dance.  Our students have 3-4 courses per year in Dance as well as advanced core classes that meet the requirements of a high school diploma.  Our faculty are caring, dedicated individuals who prioritize and individualize the instruction for each individual student.


    WHAT we do

    The Dance Department provides students with a combination of technical and artistic skills to prepare the 21st Century Dancer for their next steps after high school.  Through an in-depth study of Ballet and Modern Dance, students are immersed in the art form and receive individualized instruction to become the best artist they can be. 

    Small class sizes and a variety of courses in Ballet, Modern, Kinesiology, Choreography, and Dance History allow students to take a deep dive into the art form with experienced, highly-qualified faculty.


    WHERE do you go next

    Students are prepared to be competitive for auditions and scholarships for major conservatories and universities for Dance.  While the department prepares students to pursue these opportunities, some students use the skills they have learned in the arts to seek college and university admission in fields outside of the arts.  Colleges seek out students with arts backgrounds for admission in all fields of study.

    Dance graduates are presently performing all over the world with dance companies and in musical theatre productions on Broadway.