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    Dance Lower Division Dance students enter a curriculum designed to provide solid technical training in ballet and modern dance. Dancers are required to take ballet, pointe, variations, modern, and composition. The schedule may also include character, partnering and the study of repertoire.  These courses serve to expand the students’ understanding of the historical expression of dance, teach the basic principles of choreography, and provide practical knowledge for the development of performance skills.  Additional courses focus on strengthening, conditioning, nutritional awareness, and injury prevention.  Dance majors maintain a strong Portfolio during this two year course of study.

    The Upper Division Dance Curriculum focus on the refinement of technical and performance skills. Dancers develop personal knowledge and vision through the study of specific artists and repertory in ballet and modern.  Independent study through portfolio development and project-based performance increase the upper level student’s understanding of dance as an art form and to the other arts . The final year is directed toward preparing young dancers for college work and professional training opportunities. Dance composition challenges the student’s creativity and additional repertory classes emphasize working with coaching and individual performance.

    The faculty monitors the progress of students throughout the year through semester evaluations, Jury Examinations, and conferences. These evaluations are important in preparing dancers to continue their education at colleges and universities, professional companies, and other career opportunities.

    Course Sequence

    Ballet Technique I
    Dance Repertory I      Lester Horton Technique
    Dance Aesthetics I

    Ballet Technique II
    Dance Repertory II     Sophomore Projects
    Dance Aesthetics II
    Dance History Appreciation I

    Ballet Technique III
    Dance Repertory III   Junior Projects
    Dance History Appreciation II
    Ethnic Dance

    Ballet Technique IV
    Dance Repertory IV   Senior Portfolio Career Preparation
    Dance Choreography Performance I Senior Projects