Dance Careers

  • Dancer The study of dance equips a student with a broad range of communication and organizational skills applicable to many careers, including those in the performing arts. The dance major’s presentation skills, ability to perform in public, and control of the body provide a solid basis for working effectively with others. Dance also develops the ability to concentrate intensely, listen introspectively, observe keenly, solve problems creatively, think critically, collaboratively develop a project, work independently, work under pressure, meet deadlines, and maintain composure when faced with the unexpected.

    A career as a performer or choreographer is not the only option available to your son or daughter after graduation from the Pinellas County center for the Arts. Opportunities also exist in education, community and participatory dance work, and associated areas such as dance management, administration, and production. Do not underestimate the skills, knowledge, and experience you have gained as a dancer or student. Determination, openness, and practical experience are crucial ingredients in gaining employment and continuing education.